Wireless Motion-Sensing and Business Innovation

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Business innovation can usher in a host of new related products and services in any industry. But often, one innovation can be joined with others to create products greater than the sum of its parts. Wireless motion sensing has come a long way in recent years, and it’s perfectly positioned in today’s smart application-rich environment.

Wireless motion sensors at their basic level are security devices. They trigger lights, alarms, and other safety measures within homes, public spaces, retail businesses, and manufacturing. When combined with state-of-the-art software, they can be used for smart home and smart factory applications and work with other devices such as IoT and IIoT sensors.

How Do Wireless Motion Sensors Work?

Wireless motion sensors use two types of systems. The first type uses passive infrared radiation (IR) to detect motion in a defined area. These sensors trigger an action using crystalline materials that generate a current when IR impacts them. As the infrared radiation generated by people changes the amount of total infrared radiation in a prescribed space, the frequency of generated IR is read as a body in motion.

Using a tiny Fresnel lens similar to the larger lenses used by lighthouses, the IR change generates a current read as a thermal change. Wireless motion sensors using IR also use other sensors to compensate and adjust for ambient heat conditions so only bodies in motion will trigger the system.

The second type of wireless motion sensor uses active ultrasonic technology. These sensors generate high-frequency sound waves called ultrasonic sound waves, which don’t interfere with human hearing. These waves are targeted to the prescribed area and bounce off objects, returning some of the wave energy to the sensor like an echo.

These wireless sensors can be configured to detect people while ignoring things like pets. If an object passes in front of the sensor, the “echo” produces drops in or changes frequency to indicate the presence of a person. The reduced echo then triggers the alarm.

Let There Be Light

As mentioned above, multiple innovations can lead to an enhanced product. One excellent example is that of LED lighting. This innovation boasts a bulb lifespan longer than incandescent, higher energy efficiency, lower voltage to operate, and “instant-on” lighting with no warm-up period.

By combining wireless motion sensing with LED lighting, companies and individuals now have cost-effective, sustainable, reliable light. This combination of innovation blends well with factory automation, smart cities, smart homes, and more.

Examples of this combined technology at work include wireless motion-sensing LED lighting such as Mr. Beams Wireless Motion-Sensing LED and the GE Wireless Motion-Sensing LED Wall Sconce. Not only are these lights useful for security, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness, their wireless nature lends itself to design iterations that can be blended into decorative environments and business use cases alike.

How Entrepreneurs Can Explore and Combine Innovation

Business innovation is essential for any company. Entrepreneurs whose skills include a strong innovation background can uncover new paths and combine multiple innovations for an entirely new product. The Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Centre (HBEC) at Georgian college offers support and resources in entrepreneurship, business innovation, R&D, and business mentorship to help train, connect, and mentor new business innovation.

HBEC strives to create a culture that includes everything entrepreneurs need to sharpen their core skills and succeed. HBEC offers business planning, eCo-op workshops, and mentorship in a one-on-one environment with experienced mentors from the surrounding business community.

With transformative, knowledge-based collaboration, HBEC can help you build a mindset for success and bring your vision to life. If you’d like to learn how to accelerate your business’s innovation and pursue new avenues for growth and development, contact us today.

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