Why just lunch when you can Lunch and Learn?

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This engaging, monthly, virtual series, presented by Research and Innovation, offers a unique opportunity for participants to learn about the research and scholarship being undertaken by members of our Georgian community.

Dr. Daniel Travers, Liberal Arts professor, was a featured Lunch and Learn speaker who discussed “Social Darwinism and Transformation: From Science to Pseudoscience.” His presentation included an overview of the 1876 Indian Act and its amendments. Participants learned how, inspired by a global surge in social Darwinism, the Act became one of many tools of oppression for the Canadian government.

Daniel’s session included an analysis of the historical and legal implications between nineteenth-century scientific study, social theory, and the genocide of Indigenous peoples. It posed the chilling question – as nationalism and pseudo-science become more prolific, are we in danger of letting history repeat itself?

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Research and Innovation’s Lunch and Learn Series returns this fall. Stay tuned for more details.

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